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Lithium ion full battery production process–Soft-Pack Battery Cell Encapsulation

Encapsulation Materials Introduction

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  1. The stress and strain distributions in the Pocket exhibit a symmetrical pattern
  2. The maximum values of stress and strain occur at the corners of the Pocket
  3. The stress and strain on the shorter sides are greater than those on the longer sides

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  1. Appearance after Punching
  2. Thickness Distribution of Each Layer of Aluminum-Plastic Film

Encapsulation Performance of Aluminum-Plastic Film

Encapsulation Cross-Section Inspection

Encapsulation Parallelism Inspection

Tab Sealing Performance

Encapsulation Process – Packaging Steps

  1.  The PP sides of the two aluminum-plastic films facing each other
  2. The sealing head applies heat and pressure to melt the PP layers
  3. The two PP layers are fully fused together to form a single entity, achieving a sealing effect

Encapsulation Process – Naming of Packaging Steps

Encapsulation Process – Top Sealing

Encapsulation Process – Side Sealing

Encapsulation Process—DEG

Encapsulation Process – Corner Pre-Sealing

Key Encapsulation Technology – Leakage Prevention

  1. Leakage: Caused by the absence (or “weak”) fusion or adhesion between the relative two layers of PP;
  2. Possible reasons: Abnormal aluminum-plastic film, foreign matter between seals, uneven sealing head, abnormal encapsulation temperature

Key Encapsulation Technology – Corrosion Prevention

Key Encapsulation Technology – Critical Dimensions

A: Prevent glue overflow from contaminating the top sealing area.
B, C: External unsealed areas to prevent contamination of the sealing;
D, E: Internal unsealed areas. After folding, the indentation opening enlarges, resulting in complete exposure of the Al layer.

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