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Lithium ion full battery production process–Coating(two)

Coating Basics

Purpose: To uniformly coat a fluid slurry onto the surface of a metal foil, dry it, and produce a battery electrode
Principle: The coating roller rotates to carry the slurry, and the amount of slurry transferred is adjusted by adjusting the gap between the doctor blade and the roller. The relative rotation of the back roller and the coating roller is used to transfer the slurry onto the substrate. Subsequently, the solvent in the slurry is evaporated through drying and heating, causing the solid matter to adhere to the substrate.

Note: Taking transfer coating as an example

Blade Coating-1

The most commonly used coating method

Blade Coating-2

The most commonly used coating method, Controllable thickness

Dip Coating


Suitable for situations with very few materials, with poor coating uniformity and poor battery consistency

Common current collectors

There are many types of current collectors, and their selection depends on different material systems and applications.

Selection of Current Collectors for Supercapacitors

There are many types of current collectors, which need to be selected based on different material systems and applications. Taking supercapacitors as an example

Common issues

Using thicker foil material to increase strength

Screening the slurry

  1. difficult to level the slurry on the surface of nickel foam
  2. high viscosity of the slurry prevents effective infiltration

high viscosity of the slurry prevents effective infiltration

  1. difficult to control the uniformity of coating
  2. Poor bonding and easy shedding occur in areas with heavy coating weight

Adjust the solid content or formula of the slurry to reduce its viscosity

Produce the sheets separately first, and then transfer and compress them together with the nickel foam

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